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alexda900 Hi. Love your music a lot. It would be great to see you first album here on Bandcamp too. Please, release it. Thanx.
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released May 10, 2014



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Icon and The Black Roses London, UK

Icon and The Black Roses started in 1999 under the name of Blue Obsession. In this early period the band secured a deal with Dark-Wings records in 2001. The band flew to Berlin to record the extra material and in June 15 2004, their self-titled debut album was released by Dark-Wings.

In 2013 the band released a lyric video for Wings of a Dreamer, an advance from their latest album “Thorns”.
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Track Name: Lost
Shattered by rain Shrouded by thoughts on a runaway train Seeking shelter from the storm and from the pain Another empty glass Another line another friend Yet no sight or track You can’t find your way back And your flame grows colder As the night is over Now you’re lost For following your heart It guided you so far And you don’t know where you are Cause baby now you’re lost You were following your heart It guided you so far And you don’t know where you are Cause baby you’re lost Holding you head up high But the mirror can’t lie It shows tears in your eyes Sadness blurs your sight, like ether numbs your mind If I only knew What you’d get yourself into I wish I could Wish I was able to save you Open the door to a dream Ran the playground Found a maze You dared to enter Took a deep breath We were friends holding hands Walk deeper into the green Ignore the colors as they fade The world grows larger as you shrink You turn around and no one’s there
Track Name: Innocence
Innocence faded, drowned in a memory Silence is a step away from our suffering I hoped for better days to come but joy is not for us Our love tastes like doom It’s cutting you through Don’t cry Baby don’t cry no more Don’t cry Baby don’t cry no more Don’t cry My baby don’t cry no more Don’t miss me when I’m gone In love we‘ve lost track of reality Young hearts, hearts beating strong in a melody But the damage was too deep, so deep it got to me Infected my mind Opened a fatal wound inside Innocence faded from you and me Virtue was taken when we were sixteen Blossom and withered We’re just bodies without a soul or dream Don’t miss me, don’t cry anymore Don’t miss me when I’m gone
Track Name: The Painter
Last time I let you go I didn’t know we were supposed to be together Baby you and me in this frame Maybe you were scared of me, oh baby I got carried away My art is dark so beautiful in the end Why don’t you run away? Cause hide and seek is my favorite game I will find you I will find you I will find you there To paint it red To paint your soul with blood I will find you I will find you I will find you there To paint it red To paint your soul Chasing silhouettes deprived I feel the guilt but I feel alive I’ve drawn a thousand pictures of me and you I know that I cannot be loved I cannot change my tainted soul I never really wanted to at all You won’t just come running back to me Baby you will crawl
Track Name: Wings of a Dreamer
Do you light a smile? When it hurts the most And why do you seem to thrive on the angst you put me through With you there’s no future, at least not for me You make me a different man, made me so much weaker All my childhood dreams will never be Destroyed by your ruthless mind I close my eyes and step into the endless fall While you break, the wings of a dreamer Held onto your arms, your arms while I was pushed into the endless fall I can’t forget, you staring back at me, killing me slowly Once you were so kind Once you believed the future held the best for both of us And I believed in you Somehow you lost those feelings, that made you different Something I couldn’t fight, not that I hadn’t tried to I tried to bring you back to life from hell And you came wielding a scythe This can’t be you, who are you? Kill me Don’t inflict this pain in vain A desert lies where all hope was once A leafless tree too strong to fall on its own Finish what you have begun When all love inside has died like a river dried, no longer runs love Tell me, who? Who will pray for us? Cause tonight the angels fall While you break the wings of a dreamer Held onto your arms, my arms while you were sucked into the endless fall I can’t forget, you staring back at me, drowning slowly
Track Name: Moments of Madness
It’s just a brief moment of madness It’s just the sweet taste of fragileness It has taken all we had, chewed it up and spat it out It brought me to my knees I’m giving up Don’t call if you love me Don’t speak if you’re week Don’t reach if you’re eager to feel What we might have been Don’t say that it’s hurting Don’t weep if you bleed Quit trusting your heart baby or else you’ll sink with me It’s just another moment of weakness Just another lie And we have crossed the borderline We can’t go any further We’re left with no choice but to let go Don’t call, don’t fall for me again Our passion has died out Don’t speak don’t even say my name What we lost was never found There is no place for you and me anymore If we keep remembering the past we can never be free
Track Name: The Devil's Made You
I open my chest filled with sorrow Leave time to heal the wounds in me And once I lock the door and throw away the key You come back to life to haunt me in my dreams Higher, Up to the skies and drop me in the fire Of your lies, are fuelling the pyre No regrets no sorrows in your demise Cause the devil’s made you For one night Close your eyes and wash the pain away And sail me in your ocean of infinity Tomorrow I will cry beside your bed and sigh A dying song a dirge for our last goodbye You’re born out of hell to bring me pleasure You’re fond of seeing me this way In tragedy and madness Indulged in destroying my life I’ll nail you to a cross babe when we say goodbye
Track Name: Healing Touch
I was born with a healing touch I thought I could wipe those tears Turns out I’m not as strong as I thought Or as worthy of what I’ve been given You were born a precious stone You were everything I needed But I was too afraid of letting you go No I can’t be without you This ain’t what I’ve pictured Oh god, what have I done I’ve cut your wings my angel I couldn’t soar the same skies as you Oh no, it’s true I wish that I could mend it No love can heal what I have broken This can’t be undone I left you incomplete A statue gazing back at me with such love It could melt solid gold The more I made you feel, the higher you had to fall Please forgive me, I know what I did was wrong No I, couldn’t live without you This ain’t what I’ve pictured No love can heal what I have broken
Track Name: With or Without You
My world is ending Swept away by fear Just fading away The mask has dropped, can’t face who we betrayed Nothing but criminals That’s how they will see us There’s too much at stake in here We got no choice but to cut our losses and leave And when the city is burning tonight, I’m leaving I’ll leave with or without you And when the streets are crumbling down to ashes I’ll leave with or without you This town is burning tonight, I’m leaving I’ll leave with or without you The streets are burning, burning, burning I’ll leave with or without you With or without you, with you my world is ending This time I’ve got to leave There must be something better Than these wounds that we share And pain that we give And I hope you forgive me It’s your choice to come or stay If we’re fighting for our lives we’d better run away
Track Name: Silence is Everything
Close, so close to your chest I can hear you breathe In your darkest hour, touch I touched your face, your skin feels like silk Now I can’t turn back So I kissed your lips and you whispered “Now it’s too late” As cold as ice as blind as your heart You think it’s broken Too proud to let it show But if it’s broken why is it still beating? You’ve cut through your veins You’ve cut through your heart and soul You’re feeling dead but your heart still beats Pain, I see it in your eyes It can’t be reached so deep inside I surrender I just can’t fight This battle is yours to survive Cry, to kill your pride Live to see the sunrise Why don’t you cry? Leave your fears Release your tears Don’t say goodbye Don’t let go of my hand, let the sun light up your way Don’t let the darkness drag you in Stay with me my baby, keep fighting, keep holding on Don’t you give up and close your eyes, don’t say goodbye my love Stay with me, don’t leave me, keep fighting, keep holding on Stay with me, don’t tell me, the silence is everything Keep holding on, keep holding on my love